Yes for Parks and Open Space

Vote to support
 Bellevue’s Parks!

High-quality parks and open spaces create a better quality of life for all of Bellevue’s residents. This levy will fund parks, greenways, and wildlife corridors, as well as expand opportunities at community parks and facilities. By voting for this levy, you’ll also be supporting waterfront restoration and building resilient riparian areas, which will protect the water quality of Bellevue’s lakes and streams.

Livability Bellevue is an organization of community leaders, local businesses, and residents who support the passage of Ballot Proposition 1. We’re committed to our parks, open spaces, and the environment. Vote: “Yes!” for Parks and Open Space

We urge you to vote YES on Prop. 1.

We need to get the word out about these amazing improvements coming to Bellevue if the levy is passed. Please share with your networks and on social media why you are voting “YES!”

If you can, please consider a contribution to Livability Bellevue.



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